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Nootopia CollaGenius

Nootopia CollaGenius: 5 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power!

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Do you often find yourself fighting to focus on your work, delayed by brain mist, low vitality, and difficulty concentrating? Maybe anxiety and stress further multiply these issues, leaving you with low positive thoughts and confidence. Fortunately, there are keys to ease these harms. Introducing Nootopia CollaGenius is a dietary supplement formulated by BiOptimizers with a powerful blend of superfoods and effective mushroom extracts. CollaGenius is an exclusive formula that enhances brain power, immune system, skin, hair, and nail conditions. Keep reading our review to discover everything you need to seek about CollaGenius and whether or not it lives up to the publicity today.

Nootopia CollaGenius (Collagen + Mushrooms)

Nootopia CollaGenius

A Detailed Review 2024

  • Nootopia, the brainchild of BiOptimizers has formulated a unique formula to boost Neurogenesis. This powerful blend of five high-standard superfoods into a delicious drink, assuring not only Radiant Skin, Moist Hair, and Strong Nails but also strengthening your immune system and Sharpening your Brain’s Competency. With a substantial 1.2 pounds of focused mushrooms, it is a comprehensive powerhouse aimed at releasing your body’s total capacity.

What is Nootopia CollaGenius?

CollaGenius is a dietary nutritional supplement containing a powerful natural blend of superfoods, mushrooms, and many more. By using Nootopia CollaGenius you can potentially enjoy a sequence of benefits. The manufacturer of Nootopia CollaGenius claims that it promotes heart health, brain functionalities, vitality levels, joint health, muscle mass, and much more. The formula has been created based on 12,000 years old great nutrients. These super-nutrients have been proven to boost your brain, concentration, and dual mental vitality, and turn back on aging amongst related benefits.

How Does CollaGenius Work?

Nootopia CollaGenius aims to renew your brain in less than 30 days by addressing energy, focus, and performance by utilizing a natural blend of ingredients.

CollaGenius was designed to rewire your brain in fewer than 30 days by targeting energy, focus, and performance using a blend of natural ingredients. Key super-foods in Nootopia CollaGenius contain Mushroom extracts and other plant-oriented vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Mushrooms have been used for a very long period in traditional medicines for the building of health and wellness, immunity, vitality, and other related benefits. Modern studies reveal that mushroom extracts are a great source of natural and plant-originated chemicals connected to all these benefits and more.

Most of the ingredients included in Nootopis CollaGenius have been designed to boost neurogenesis. By enhancing levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), Nootopia CollaGenius can build a protection wall against brain aging and deterioration.

Nootopia CollaGenius Ingredients

Nootopia CollaGenius includes a blend of Mushroom extracts, herbs, plants, and other relevant ingredients connected to brain-originated Neurotrophic factor (BDNF), mental health, and overall brain health, amongst other advantages. Below is the detail of ingredients in Nootopia CollaGenius and how they work.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Nootopia CollaGenius packs in powerful energy with its lion’s mane mushroom extract, boasting a 50:1 focus in every single serving. Instead of chewing tubs of mushrooms, you can eat one serving of CollaGenius. Every serving includes an extremely focused dose of lion’s mane mushroom powder.

For almost one decade, Matt Gallant, co-founder of BiOptimizers has trusted on lion’s mane mushroom as a keystone of the brain health treatment. He claims that normally adds 5g of lion’s mane mushroom extract to his coffee and drinks for extra brain enhancement. Its extract can boost nerve growth factor (NGS) and BDNF in the hippocampus and hypothalamus. Several studies reveal lion’s mane mushroom can help brain health with age and its continuous support to mental health as you get older. According to the BiOptimizers labels the impacts of lion’s mane mushroom extract on your brain:

“…Lion’s Mane lights up important brain receptors – like muscle fibers activating during a workout… Then the BDNF becomes “activated” and regains its full potency.”

According to the latest studies lion’s mane mushroom extract can aid in alpha brainwave production, particularly, once merged with other nutrients in CollaGenius. Further, alpha brain waves open your heart and enhance empathy.

Reishi Mushroom

It contains a 100 to 1 focus of Reishi mushroom powder which is the second dynamic mushroom ingredient in Powerful Mushroom and has been used in traditional medicine, specifically in Chinese medicine – for many centuries.

Currently, numerous people take Reishi mushroom supplements to feel more established claiming it BiOptimizers. This mushroom is also common in Chinese medicine for making “jing,” which is the deep initial energy inside our body that regulates our decisive energy. It can improve your immune system, enhance vitality levels, and soothe tiredness symptoms.

The manufacturer of BiOptimizers claims that they have been using Reishi mushroom extract themselves for a while before adding it to the Nootopis CollaGenius blend. He claims it takes a feeling of coolness and support to their lives with better sleep patterns.

Cordyceps Extract

Cordyceps extract a strong brain booster arising from mushrooms, is known for its power to boost energy levels and libido. As an important ingredient in CollaGenius, it is thought to provide significant benefits for both brain and physical energy. With its proven effects on aging, blood flow, improved sexual function; reduced tiredness due to stress levels, and overall brain function. Cordyceps extract is considered a helpful addition to any wellness routine.

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom included in Nootopia CollaGenius has been used for a very long time in traditional medicine. Studies show it can reduce inflammation and enhance antibacterial and antiviral properties by boosting white cell activity, supporting memory loss and other mental functions, and accelerating quick learning and higher brain functions.


Nootopia CollaGenius as the name hints includes a substantial amount of collagen, which is the richest connected protein in the human body, weighty for brain health, muscle growth, nervous system, and skin health. Its flow in popularity owes to its incredible anti-aging elements, but scientific research also underlines its crucial supporting role in brain functioning. As studies continue to show its advantages, it becomes visible that collagen is not only about youthful skin but also about boosting to our brains for maximum performance.

What is the Scientific Evidence behind Nootopia CollaGenius?

BiOptimizer’s Nootopia CollaGenius uses the power of five scientifically established ingredients each accurately dosed for higher efficacy and clarity. Supported by a wealth of equal-evaluated studies, the Nootopia CollaGenius website shows many health benefits that these ingredients provide. For example, a key 1993 Harvard study confirmed deep pain relief effects amongst contributors who had eaten a collagen supplement for three months. In this research, 60 people with severe, active rheumatoid arthritis were managed with either collagen or a placebo. The results were outstanding showing a significant decrease in swollen joints and overall pain amongst those who received collagen, without any side effects. This study highlights the reliability and effectiveness of Nootopia CollaGenious in treating joint aches.  

The latest collagen study which was published in Nutrient in 2019 discovered collagen protein supplementation conducted to notable improvement in Skin hydration, softness, roughness, and thickness. A group of 72 healthy women aged 35 or older took 2.5g of collagen peptides daily, showing a major improvement in different skin health volumes over 12 weeks.

What is the Recommended Dose of Nootopia CollaGenius?

Following is the recommended dose of CollaGenius by the company BiOptimizser:

Mix two spoons of powdered formula with 60z of water, or any other of your favorite drink

For a stronger drink, mix 3 or 4 scoops

The formula is available with chocolate flavor, cocoa butter powder along with MCT Oil for improved mix-powder and a better touch. You can also find CollaGenius shake recipes on the company’s official website.

What is the Customer Opinion about CollaGenius?

The users admire about CollaGenius, hyping its efficacy in enhancing brainpower and mental capabilities. Reviews on the official website underline its remarkable benefits, containing boosted concentration, ingenuity, and tranquility. Some of the individuals claim it endorsed enhancement through brain scans, quoting increased alpha and gamma wave activity. Many incorporate CollaGenius into their daily life, enjoying its creamy chocolate flavor while experiencing enhanced intellect, vigilance, and mood for the whole day. A combination of collagen and mushroom extracts, CollaGenius delivers multiple benefits, including support to the brain, anti-aging, vitality, and skin health, greater average collagen supplement is available online now.

What is the Price of CollaGenius?

Nootopia CollaGenius is available at $75 per jar, however, a discounted price of $60 would be available on the purchase of multiple units. Below is the price structure:

1 Jar: $75

3 Jars: $190 ($63.33 per bottle)

5 Jars: $300 ($60 per bottle)

You can avail subscription and save money. If you subscribe to receive continuous orders of CollaGenius every one, three, or five months, in this condition you have to pay only $66, $54.67, or $51 per bottle (saving around 12% and 32% off the regular purchase price).

Nootopia CollaGenius
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Nootopia CollaGenius (Collagen + Mushrooms

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CollaGenius Refund Policy

BiOptimizers is so confident about CollaGenius offering an extraordinary 365-day Money-Back guarantee. If you find yourself unhappy with the desired results for any reason, you can just submit a request for a refund within a year of your initial purchase. You will get a complete refund without shipping fees. Please note if you have opened several bottles of CollaGenius your refund may be changed accordingly.

Who is the Manufacturer of CollaGenius?

CollaGenius is the product of a well-known nutritional supplement company namely BiOptimizers, which offers numerous nootropic (brain boosting) supplements under the Nootopia family, including CollaGenius.

BiOptimizers is run by Wade Lighthert – President and Matt Gallant – CEO. The two established the company in 2004 by marketing fitness programs, digestive enzymes, and plant-based protein powder. Currently, nearly 20 years later, BiOptimizers is one of the internet’s most well-known nutritional supplement companies.

Furthermore, CollaGenius, another popular BiOptimizer supplement contains Magnesium Breakthrough, Masszymes, Kapex, and P3-OM. The company’s supplements address different health and wellness goals from weight loss to energy to digestive health. You can get in touch with the following company’s contact details:  

Final verdict

Discover CollaGenius, the brain enhancer supplement by Nootopia a subsidiary of BiOptimizers. Formulated with four scientifically recognized mushroom extracts and collagen, Nootopia CollaGenius delivers a strong blend of nutrients designed to boost cognition. Promote your mental clarity and focus with this unique blend of mushroom extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Try to experience the benefits. Explore CollaGenius and make your purchase today on the Company’s official website

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