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Self-Sufficient Backyard

Self-Sufficient Backyard: 5 Steps to Renovate Your Yard into Glory!

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The Self-Sufficient Backyard is a 265-page book that contains all the relevant information needed to harvest your own food, produce electricity, and create medication, offering significant self-dependence during emergencies when government help is often interrupted by severe weather conditions such as cyclones, thunderstorms, and earthquakes.

Concern is a mandatory part of life, but numerous challenges can be resolved with a positive approach. While several people still rely on the government or electric supply companies during emergencies, some pursue substitute solutions. Despite the USA facing difficult times like electricity and food shortages during natural catastrophes, other countries have found techniques to reduce these effects through self-sufficiency and awareness.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard – A Complete

Self-Sufficient Backyard

Guide Dealing With The Emergency Time

  • We are pleased to share all the projects that have been developed in a small paradise, offering complete instruction so that you can implement them on your own land or in your home and benefit for the rest of your life.
  • In this review, we will cover a variety of topics in detail, including water management, food protection, off-grid electricity, and growing medicinal gardens. Our objective is to provide you with useful how-to designs, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, magnificent tips, and resourceful time-savers. With all the projects defined in The Self-Sufficient Backyard, you will find several that are suitable for your property.

During emergency times, people don’t have substantial food, water, or electricity for their families, how to survive during this tough period is important. The Self-Sufficient Backyard is a special program that provides help to solve these problems and it educates how to save food for a long time, create drinkable water from plants, and also produce electricity from it. You can also cultivate medical plants that will help in severe conditions when they are living without any medical aid.

This program reveals to you how to convert your backyard into a self-supporting garden that can provide all the stuff you need during a crisis, without relying on the government. It can take a longer time to study how to produce food, supply water, and generate electricity individually, maybe even months or years. Therefore, purchase the Self-Sufficient Backyard Program, created by Ron, who devoted his 40 years to searching for these survival skills.

To seek more helpful effects of this program, study The Self-Sufficient Backyard Review till the end and then select if it’s value the money.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard Overview

The Self-Sufficient Backyard is a comprehensive handbook that allows people to renovate their own land into a self-dependent haven. It allows you to cultivate all the plants that can provide food, water, nutrients, medical aid, and energy without losing daily relief in a critical time when people are waiting for the government’s help.

All these actions and guidelines have already been trialed by different customers. You can read their reviews on their official website under The Self-Sufficient Backyard Reviews section.

The program has been designed by veteran experts with above 40 years of experience, suggesting a different opportunity for all. By applying its ideologies, every individual can change their home’s backyard into a flourishing garden without any notable efforts and can achieve self-dependency. This objectivity spreads outside support to external bodies like electric providers, government support, grocery chains, medical service providers, aid, and the established grid.

The self-sufficient Backyard design also offers a set of 100 DIY projects, allowing a valuable understanding of the basic survival expertise. This detailed guide is formulated for easy knowledge, featuring a wealth of reliefs with charts, reports, diagrams brilliant images, and educational videos. It accurately trains users step-by-step from nurturing plants to producing electricity.

The program allows every individual without any age limit, and both men and women can participate in this program and make their home’s backyard an off-grid farm.

Who is the Author of Self-Sufficient Backyard?

Ron and Johanna both are the authors of Self-Sufficient Backyard and they are in their 60’s and 40 years. They have been living without the grid and never paid any utility bills.

They focus on growing plants rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory stuff, meant to relieve stress and anxiety through natural processes. Their trust in these plants prolongs to address several health issues, avoiding the use of pills or medication completely.

As a couple in their 60’s both the writers effectively manage their garden without any outside help, discovering huge enjoyment in making a self-sufficient shelter inside their home. They part this change as the apex of their pleasure. Devoting just 10 minutes daily to managing their garden, they have learned a deep sense of satisfaction.

They further explain that you need more than 200 sqft to create you self-sufficient. It can deliver essential needs for a limited time per your family’s use. The complete dependence on it will require more land and funds that no one can give.

Key Advantages of The Self-Sufficient Backyard

Customers will get the following advantages when using The Self-Sufficient Backyard Guide:

No Donkeywork:

No hard work is required in maintaining your self-sufficient garden. Both the writers of Self-Sufficient Backyard are 60 years old, instead of Ron, they have back problems but can still keep their home garden easily. They encourage the globe that a self-sufficient regime does not need substantial efforts.

Peaceful Life:

The Self-Sufficient program has been created for those people who are living with back problems due to sitting on the office chairs for a long time. They should take a break from work or one day off to use time with these plants, decreasing the stress suffered by the working atmosphere or family problems.

Also, people who are retired and willing to consume their time creating something different can use The Self-Sufficient Backyard to set up their own garden in their home backyard and use their time to produce food, water, energy, and the medicinal formula to treat small problems like headache, stomach pain, gastric acid, constipation and many more.

The Self-Sufficient Backyard also provides guidelines and methods to their users who are living in apartments. The tips contain:

Get hot water with electricity

Cultivate organic fruits and vegetables

Get rid of pests without using any chemical

Make a honey hive and preserve it for several years

Get water with pressure

Hybrid electricity

Need a Small Land Portion

In the Self-Sufficient Backyard, people may believe that they require lots of space for growing plants. But this guide illustrates how to utilize your space smartly, making work by using the latest techniques. You will not be able to get completely self-sufficient with just 100 or 200 square feet of land. However, you can handle difficult times without relying on the government or larger companies by following these tactics.  

Low Cost of Maintenance

Creating your own self-sufficient garden at home is comparatively low-priced, making your daily consumption and the cost of maintenance entirely low when evaluating your daily utility bills.

The Philosophy of The Self-Sufficient Program

The Self-Sufficient Backyard is a book containing 265 pages that explains to you how to organize 100 projects in your garden all on your own. It’s divided into 17 chapters that cover several topics like getting hot water, water sanitization, getting water with pressure, and cultivating plants for medicinal purposes. If you are interested in knowing more about what each chapter discusses, below are the details:

In the first four chapters, you will discover about homesteading – what it is, where it came from, its history, why it’s great, and why people are into it now. After studying these, you will be able to have a good knowledge about homesteading and then you will be pointed out how much space you require at home. No fears, these chapters also teach you how to make your own draft for a self-sufficient garden. Take a pencil and begin to draw your garden plan.

Chapter 5 is all about saving rainwater and using it when you need it. Here you will discover how to keep water clean for a long time and use it in your homestead. Further, there are several easy methods included in this chapter for installing a filter system and a fire pump that supply you with hot water in cold weather

Chapter 6 is crucial because we are living in different places and have different resources from others.  This chapter helps by providing good tracks on utilizing other things instead of always needing similar substances as everyone else.

Inside Chapter 7, you can get complete knowledge of how to produce your own off-grid electricity. The writer Rob Beckers is an Electrical Engineer with comprehensive knowledge of the hybrid system and energy sources. In this chapter, he discusses his own experience in supporting people studying how to produce their own electricity, particularly when things get hard, instead of continuously relying on large electric companies.

In chapters No. 8 to 12, you can seek information about food resources. As how to promote chickens for eggs, set up beehives for honey, and grow fruits and vegetables.  And predict what? You can even offer more food to earn some extra income. Further there’s a list of plants that have remedial elements for treating fungal infections.

In Chapter No. 13, the writer shares information about Mario Swinkels, a Beekeeper and Canadian Honey Council Member.

In Chapters No. 14 and 15: Detailed instructions have been given to the consumers by the author on how to breed chickens immediately and then secure them in severe weather.

In the last two chapters, it includes the concluding step of growing plants in your homestead. These simple toolkits can easily be searchable from any woodwork shop. Also, these plants are useful for a healthy environment.


The Self-Sufficient Program is only accessible from their official website, not from any other Amazon or eBay stores. The program is getting good fame, that’s why several other online stores sell bogus copies with a similar brand name. So be careful of these scam sellers.

By the official Website, The Self-Sufficient Backyard Program is available for sale in two different forms:

Digital Package: The program is available at the price of $37, and the customer can get access after making payment.

Hardcopy Package: The total price of this package is $47 and an additional $10 for shipping and handling charges.

Both these packages contain a single payment and no hidden or subscription charges, and a lifetime free membership, when they offer further bonuses in the coming, will be without any cost.

You will get three free bonuses with both packages.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The writers of this program are completely confident about their product’s effectiveness which is why they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to the customers from the date of its initial purchase. If any customer is not satisfied with the results they can submit a request for a refund through their official website. A full refund would be transferred without any questioning.

Free Bonuses

By purchasing The Self-Sufficient Backyard Program from the official website, customers can receive three free bonuses in the form of E-books, described below:

Bonus 1: The book describes the new ideas of an aquaponic system that saves plant health by recycling water and also supplies fresh fish for the entire year. This method is very effective because it consumes just 10% of water and recycles it during the process so that no water shall be misused. The water will serve the plant’s land and create bacteria to feed fish, and then these fish will create nitrates that are beneficial for growing plants.

Bonus 2: This book holds antique DIY techniques to disinfect water, wood stoves, fireboxes, solar water heaters, and much more. Please read it to improve your survival skills and keep the plant better for many years.

Bonus 3: This book is particularly beneficial for the people living in the USA because it states customers where to get free land in the US and start their off-grid homestead.

Each bonus book will be priced at $27, but the buyer of The Self-Sufficient Backyard will get free of cost.


Finally, in this review of The Self-Sufficient Backyard, I would like to explain to you that it’s one of the best survival handbooks because it provides the latest techniques to help you live off the grid. If you purchase The Self-Sufficient Backyard Program, you will receive a free membership for the lifetime along with additional bonuses. Within this guide, there are almost 1000 projects! You will discover how to raise chickens, build beehives, and grow plants and how to install water filtration plants to keep your family’s water clean. If you want to purchase this program, make sure to purchase it through their official website. They are offering free bonuses, a lifetime membership, and a 100% money-back guarantee without any questions asked.

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