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The Lost Super Foods

The Yummy “Lost Superfoods” Must Add to Your Diet

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The Lost Superfoods is a remarkable book available in both hardcopy and e-book forms containing complete information about the Lost Survival Foods. This book comprises 126 different types of forgotten survival food recipes. With this imaginary book, you can discover incredible items like written descriptions, detailed guidelines for making the greatest meals from the hunted foods, and photos. Numerous subjects have been categorized in this superb book, the great depression food that saved America and more.

Most of the foods discussed in this book have been out of the vision for many years. Therefore by reading this guide, you can get access to the different food samples and secrets of the descendants. You can discover search guides, recipes, storage guides, and something new in the book. The design of the book has been fantastic for people such as preppers, survivalists, and any other person attracted to foraged items or ancient natural foods.

The Lost Superfoods

The Lost Super Foods

A Comprehensive Review 2023

  • The Lost Superfoods is an incredible book available in both hardcopy and e-book form containing comprehensive information about lost survival foods. This book has 126 different types of forgotten survival food recipes. With this imaginary book, you can find outstanding items like written descriptions, detailed guidelines for making the greatest meals from the hunted foods, and photos.
  • Price: $37

What exactly is The Lost Superfoods?

It is a useful source available in both hardcopy book and eBook formats, offering access to lost survival food wisdom. Inside the pages of The Lost Superfoods, you will see lively images, complete descriptions, and step-by-step guidelines to help you expand the use of searched foods.

If you’re considering whether to purchase The Lost Superfoods book today, read on to search all the important info that you need to make a knowledgeable decision in our inclusive review.

Inside the pages of the Lost Superfoods, you will probe into a different series of interesting topics. For example, you will reveal the incredible Superfoods that played a significant role in saving Leningrad during the severe World War II siege.

Another attractive chapter probes into the land of overlooked shelf-steady foods that are crucial bases of healthy and dynamic fats. Furthermore, the book discovers the amazing crops that sustained America during the frustrating times of the Great Depression, as well as an exclusive ongoing bread recipe dating back to the 1800s. These and several other survival foods are exactly detailed in the book.

Many of these valuable foods have been lost to the history of time, but the Lost SuperFoods save them for your benefit. By engaging yourself in its pages, you’ll solve the well-protected mysteries of our predecessors, obtaining awareness of the food wisdom that has prolonged generations. The book claims a complete collection of 126 disregarded survival foods, each accompanied by recipes, search guides, storage advice, and a wealth of extra knowledge to ensure your awareness of any situation.

The Lost Superfoods is made for people who like survival junk, guys who get ready for crises, and those who like to eat wild and natural foods. You can only get The Lost Superfoods on the internet at, and it costs about $37 there.

Who is the Author Of “The Lost Superfoods”

Art Rude is the author of this amazing book. He is one the leading people with vast experience in writing. He also spent many years of his life as a math teacher, which returned well before his retirement. He has always been fanatical about food preservation, natural wellness, and survivalism. His love for olden foods and how the descendants lived was why he wanted to do his study.

Besides, he finds out more information about different mystical foods that the descendants used for years. He also learned different methods to make different foods for healthier meals. People need to understand the health benefits of ancient foods that have been underlined in this unique book. The lost superfoods have several home-grown foods and their recipes.    

The Lost Superfoods Features & advantages

The Lost Superfoods offers all of the below-mentioned features and advantages:

126 Forgotten survival foods and storage hacksStrict nutritive values for every food

Colorful and bright images, recipes, and thorough descriptions of how to raise the value of each food

How to cook for crises, grid failures, and other backup conditions by collecting the right superfoods

Available in digital eBook or hardcopy forms (or both bundled collectively)

Topics Included in The Lost Superfoods:

In the Lost SperFoods book, you can uncover 126 foods and tricks to preserve your food harmless. Some of these guidelines have been taken from a very long time while some are not from longer back history. Some of these concepts have helped people survive truly in tough times, like when Leningrad was under blockade during World War II or in the Great Depression. Others have been used in old-style medicine for many eras to keep people healthy.

The Lost Superfoods cover a variety of topics:

The United States Military created a secret superfood during the Cold War that was intended to feed the whole American population throughout the severest times. The US government spent millions of dollars to create it but now it’s pretty inexpensive. Inside the book you can study how to make this “Doomsday Ration” and keep an adult well-nourished for just $0.37 per day. You can make more batches whenever you need to for the best chances of survival. You can continue to make batches repeatedly for determined survivability.

Leningrad World War II Siege Food: During World War II, Leningrad a Soviet city (now St. Petersburg) was faced with a blockade for almost 900 days by Nazi Germany. The Author of the Lost Superfoods claims that only superfoods saved the city during the siege. Explained as a “forgotten European dish” the food contains meat flap that you can use to create a delicious meal that needs no freezing for months or even years.

A Forgotten Shelf Steady Food for Healthy and Energetic Fats: The Lost Superfoods explains superfoods that can provide you with all the healthy and key fats to your body that are required in a difficult time and there is no need to freeze these. A particular type of fat is the best source of butyric acid, and it helps to absorb the maximum value of nutrition from other foods that you eat. It defends your stomach lining, supporting you elastic your food store. The oil can also make a bag of potatoes beneficial and tasty. The author claims that this secret fat protected the entire village of Swedish farmers in 1869 after heavy floods isolated their village for several months. 

The Great Depression Food that Prevented America: The Great Depression was a most difficult time for people throughout the United States. But, it gave a boost to the number of productive cooking recipes. In The Lost Superfoods, you can find out “the top-eating survival food you’ll always come across.” During this Depression-period foods ended two years without any freezing. Furthermore, the fat is reserved and can also be used to cook, make cleanser, or treat injuries. It also works as an additional fat source. It is the basic survival food for any century.

The Ongoing, 1800s Bread: A particular type of bread from the 1800s is intended to last a lengthy time.  Made by the Cree peoples of Canada when confronted with famine due to deteriorating buffalo people, this enduring bread needs just four ordinary ingredients and 30 minutes to cook. In The Lost Superfoods, you get comprehensive information about all four of these ingredients and the certain recipes to make this bed.

A Civil War Food Wonder: During the Civil War, people got truly original with their cooking, and The Lost Superfoods had a unique food that, according to the author, kept more American lives during that time than any other. Amazingly, it’s not hardtack, but it can end for a long time. What’s even more exciting is that this food is made from something that people typically throw away because they don’t see it as genuine food.

Cheese Keeping Coverts: Cheese has significant health benefits, but it commonly needs a freezing facility. But in The Lost Superfoods, you can find a cheese-safeguarding secret that can keep your cheese safe at room temperature. Created by the Dutch people of Alkmaar in the 1300s, this technique is supported by eras of use and can save cheese fresh in your storeroom for two years.

Continuing Probiotic from Mongol Eras: The Lost Superfoods argues an undying probiotic that stimulated the Golden Horde of Genghis Khan in the 1100s. This food is considered one of the best natural probiotics you can acquire, and it will respond to eating all of the other processed foods (like MREs).  This uncooked superfood was also used by the Royal British Navy in the 1600s to stop scurvy. Today, it’s an inflamed, tasty, nutritious food that should be in any survivalist’s store.

The Shelf Stable Meat from the Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman Empire used a different kind of coated meat to stimulate their victories for decades. This coated meat outlived the hot climate and stopped malnourishment times before freezing. It also supported Ottomans endure to eat even when executing a “scorched earth” plan. 

How to Cook a “Ninja Superfood”: Inside the Lost Superfoods pages, it has been explained about the recipe for Ninja Superfoods. The Lost Superfoods also argues the recipe for a Ninja superfood. This superfood reserved leading, Japanese slayers well-nourished while on several month-long secret tasks when they could not access fresh food or drinking water. The author claims, that only some people in the world are familiar with this recipe, but you can cook it simply using ingredients originating in North American shelves.

Lewis and Clark’s Pocket Soup: Lewis and Clark consumed a unique type of “handy soup” on their well-known journey through the western United States. In The Lost Superfoods, you can see how to make this odd-looking soup. As the author explains, it’s “no gourmet meal,” but it will last for ages just by sitting in your coat pocket – even when it’s hot outside.

The Viking Superfood Stored on Longboats to Prevent Wastage for 3 Years: When Vikings journeyed around the Globe, they carried food with them to survive the tour. In the Lost Superfoods, you can find a particular food Vikings stored on their longboats during these journeys. These foods prevent spoiling for almost three years. It gets healthier with age. Currently, Norwegian people continue to use this old recipe to save fish well for three years.

How to Make Bark Bread: Bark Bread is a recipe that uses ingredients you can base from almost any tree in America. Since you can peel the bark off the tree and follow the recipe in The Lost Superfoods, you can prevent hunger.

Frumenty: The Food that Kept Europe During the Black Plague: The black plague caused disaster throughout Europe during the Dark Ages era. Nonetheless, some lived. In The Lost Superfoods, you can find a significant nutrient-rich recipe that may have protected large numbers of people during this period. This recipe also followed fed kings, children in Victorian-period workhouses, and Civil War generals, among others. You can prepare this dish using dried wheat berries and other ordinary ingredients, and it will last a long time in any store or vault.

A Unique British Egg Preservation Method: The Lost Superfoods argues about the resourceful way that was used by the British to save eggs when air attacks triggered the control to bomb during the Blitz of 1941. This technique preserves eggs from indulging for up to 10 years.

A Super Soup from the Kanienkehaka-Iroquois Community: The Kanienkehaka-Iroquois tribe made a protein-rich fantastic soup by using many crops cultivated in their “poly-culture method.” With just a few feet of plot in your garden, you can cultivate all of the ingredients required to make this nutritious soup.

Amish Poor Man’s Steak: The Lost Superfoods describes how to make an enduring steak-like recipe made by the Amish, who have lived without electricity throughout the years. The Amish are proficient when it comes to life without electricity. This protein-rich dish is inexpensive and easy to make – even if you don’t have steak.

Breeze-Swept Superfood for Outside Protection: The Lost Superfoods landscapes the method for a superfood obtained from the wind-swept valleys of Mongolia. The unique dish includes boiled and dried dairy curds, and it was utilized for many decades to save the milk of animals. Using the recipe in The Lost Superfoods, you can make a food that delivers vitamins and diet all winter long without requiring freezing.

18th Century Mountain Men Dish: The Lost Superfoods types a recipe for climber’s Tuna Stroganoff. The recipe is one of the greatest sustaining survival foods ever developed. It’s also made only with ongoing ingredients because it comes from a time long before freezing.

How to Deal with Frozen Food in Power Outages: A power outage could devastate frozen food. If the control goes out for some days, then it could arrange all of the food in your refrigerator. Several Americans threw away hundreds of pounds of meat and other foods during the shutdown. In The Lost Superfoods, you can find out how to keep your frozen food during shutdown.

Teach the Art of Drying Raw Beef over an Open Flame: You can dry beef over a dead fire to take benefit of a biological drying tactic. It has been used by our families for many centuries the method includes using the lasting low temperature to make a flawless natural dehydrator and smoke-house – one that you can use without electricity or checking over. The Lost Superfoods also reveal including Chile saltpeter to raise the drying process.

How to make Fruit Leather: Fruit leather is a long-standing blend to prevent wastage in your fruits. It can keep fruits good for months, and it’s instantly easy to make.

How to make Canned Marinara Pulp: The Lost Superfoods features a recipe for canned, dehydrated marinara sauce. It’s an old recipe accepted down for generations. You can save a few jars in your store to make no food look inedible.

How to Reserve Half a Pig for a Year: You can save half a pig for a whole year using the particular protection plan highlighted in The Lost Superfoods. The book described the time-examined keeping way in detail.

Furthermore: The Lost Superfoods covers over 100 recipes, foods, and natural protection plans. Other topics argued in The Lost Superfoods include:


  • Thorough Study
  • Practical Input
  • Real Guidance
  • Graphic Attraction
  • Health Benefits
  • Cooking Motivation


  • Non-availability of some ingredients
  • Expensive Foods in some cases
  • Available only online

Bonus Reports contained with The Lost Superfoods

As part of a 2022 marketing, all purchases of The Lost Superfoods come bundled with two bonus reports.

Those bonus reports include:

A Subversive Year-Round Greenhouse in Your Courtyard: The report highlights tactics for achieving two crops per year, and possibly even three or four, depending on your local weather conditions. This year-round greenhouse plan offers detailed guidelines on how to ensure a constant supply of fresh food on your table, irrespective of the climate conditions. With only a few days of calm and pleasing work and a share of around $200 in basic materials, you can build your greenhouse. This practical and profitable solution will allow you to grow crops throughout the year, warranting a stable food supply, come rain or shine.

Plans from 1900 can help you in the Next Disaster: It underlines the self-abundance of the person in that time related to the average American today, offering an understanding of their originality and survival methods. Some of the debated ways include the formation of courtyard medicine gardens, the creation of smokehouses, the use of root cellars for food protection, the digging of wells for water supply, the use of charcoal for water sanitization, and the setting of traps for wild game and fish, among other valued expertise and plans. These ancient attempts provide a wealth of facts and motivation for recent times, offering maintainable solutions for self-belief and spirit in the face of different encounters.

The Lost Super Foods
the lost super foods

The Lost SuperFoods

This lost survival food knowledge is so organized that anyone, even people with absolutely no prior cooking or stockpiling experience can take advantage of it. 
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When you buy the book, you have instant access to the eBook. Or, you have to wait for some days for the hardcopy book to reach your mailing address.

The Lost Superfoods Refund Policy

All purchases of The Lost Superfoods are financed by a 60-day money-back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied by the product you can send a request for a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked. The Lost SuperFoods will honor all refund requests.

Vinal Verdict

The Lost Superfoods is a book covering almost 100 formulated plans and recipes. By applying these tactics, you can survive any condition, train for emergencies, and keep your loved ones.

To learn more about The Lost Superfoods and if you are willing to purchase this book online today, then please visit the official website at


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