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A Healing Shelter: The Home Doctor’s Guide

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The Home Doctor Guide is a large medical guide carefully researched and authored by a team of healthcare experts from Texas and Venezuela. Containing 304 pages, this inclusive handbook provides the comprehensive knowledge you need to tackle health emergencies within your homes. Starting from the urgent need in Venezuela, where economic crises, water and power shortages, and lack of medical supplies in pharmacies and hospitals required a direct solution, the idea of a handbook was created.

The Home Doctor Guide

A Trustworthy Review of 2023

  • Introducing The Home Doctor Guide – Your comprehensive spouse for learning health issues within your home does include! Packed with a display of key features, this guide transforms your wellness journey.
  • Discover health expert advice on DIY medications, complete methods, and first-aid necessities authorizing you to tackle general diseases like a seasoned pro. Navigate through a magazine of practical tips, from nutrition hacks too easy to easy-to-follow exercise methods handmade to your breathing space. With detailed guides and perceptive knowledge, this handbook is you’re crucial to altering your home into a preserve of well-being.

The physicians, illustrating from their experiences, have inserted a handling mechanism inside the guide, designed to allow individuals to confront similar challenging situations. Existing in both hardcopy and E-Book, the Home Doctor Guide provides a complete knowledge of medical strategies, treatments, and step-by-step instructions to navigate everyday health issues at home. It also educates people to remain quiet while waiting for an ambulance.

Several countries have explored and implemented these ways that have been used by Venezuelans. These medical professionals formulated these techniques to address patient’s needs without using critical medical supplies. Thus, the guide delivers inexpensive substitute treatments that don’t need specific resources. The majority of the developments shared are intended for self-claim. 

The Home Doctor plans are proposed to be the most useful when the doctors along with medical supplies are not available. These strategies are most supportive in those countries living with hunger, poor sanitation facilities, insufficient cleanliness, and poverty.  Thus, people can use the strategy to decrease the outflow to address negligible illness. Even in evolving countries, people can’t depend on their healthcare systems because of lengthy shutdowns, economic collapses, disasters, storms, and unrest.

The book is a detailed guide concentrating on the typical drugs people need to treat different illnesses. It instructs people about crucial medical substances they must keep in their homes. The Home Doctor handbook also highlights the early signs and symptoms of conditions like heart attack and serious phases to follow before you call an ambulance. The book allocates a detailed list of emergency techniques you can apply at home during a crisis.

Additionally, the manual gives a collection of necessary analgesics, antibiotics, and over-the-counter prescriptions that are advised to be kept on hand at home. It examines the possible bad effects and threats linked with the use of expired medicines, offering a valued understanding of safe and up-to-date healthcare practices. The Home Doctor Guide is a valuable resource for do-it-yourself health healing and home medicines, offering applicable solutions that individuals can apply impartially, even in the lack of professional medical support.

Who are the Authors of the Home Doctor Guide Book?

The Home Doctor Guide was explored and written by three medical experts: Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio, and Claude Davis. Dr Maybell is a front-line doctor based in Caracas, Venezuela, while Dr Rodrigo is a doctor who assisted and facilitated natives in the profound Amazon, an area where neither doctors nor pharmacies are available. 

In contrast, Claude Davis is a history professional who used the most forgotten existence knowledge practices by great-grandparents to treat problems in his life. The three professionals saw the basics to authorize families to allow people to handle health apprehensions when there are no doctors or a satisfactory supply of medical supplies.

Dr. Maybell Nieves is the leading surgeon at the Breast Pathology Unit and a general surgeon at Caracas University Hospital in Venezuela. Over a span of experience in the operating room, she received her education at the esteemed European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy.

Dr Maybell added acknowledgment for developing an advanced technique for patient care during Venezuela’s economic disaster. The crisis was struck by a lack of medicines, supplies, and essential commodities like electricity and running water.

Her revolutionary techniques have been adopted in conflict-disturbed areas worldwide. Numerous of these plans and techniques are aimed at self-direction, showing helpful when dependence on the medical system is indefinite, such as in lengthy power breakdowns.

The importance of these techniques is marked upon review, highlighting the consequences for every household and family.  As stated above, she cooperated on a book with Dr. Rodrigo Dr. Alterio, and Dr. Claude Davis, spreading her skills.

Exploring the Home Doctor Handbook:

The Home Doctor book is an outstanding source for those who don’t have any medical knowledge and offers support for conditions where immediate medical help may not be freely available. It also delivers methods for treating negligible health concerns that don’t need a doctor’s visit. Let’s underline some of the valued understandings you will see in the Home Doctor.

10 Important supplies for every Home:

In the Home Doctor Handbook, you will find a list of mostly inexpensive items important for everyone’s availability; however, they are vulnerable to quick reduction. It is important to know that a sizeable share of the medical supplies and medicines we rely on originates from India and China. This supply chain is exposed to possible disturbances, such as those stimulated by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Amongst the optional ten supplies to obtain before is an over-the-counter pain alleviator called Naproxen. The pain reliever is particularly more powerful than replacements like ibuprofen.

Navigating shutdown: Evading dangerous Mistakes

In Venezuela, access to electricity has become irregular and unstable, with continuous availability being an infrequent occurrence, making power outages a steady side of daily life.  

The Major Errors You Can Make in Shutdown

Inside the pages of the Home Doctor, you will also learn decisive evidence about the most important medical mistakes one can make through a shutdown. Furthermore, you will discover how to grip dynamic medications, such as insulin or Humira, which need refrigeration.

Adverse Effects and Risks of Taking Expired Medications

In Venezuela, due to economic crises, they had to depend hugely on expired medicine even after it was believed to be extremely old. Dr. Maybell and her associates saw somewhat interesting: several medicines at home still work fantastically for many years beyond their labeled expiration dates. This portion of the book will assist you about whom kind of medicines are still perfect even after they have expired and which ones you should dispose of. Therefore, it is most important to study this chapter very carefully before eliminating the medicines that you consider are too old.

Symptoms of Heart Attack and How to Handle It

First, the initial sign is a sense of uneasiness in the chest, marked by a feeling of pressure, tightness, fullness, and or pain in the center of the chest continuing for more than a few minutes.

The second indication comprises a feeling of uneasiness or pain in either one or both arms, attended by feelings in the back, neck, and jaws or abdominal.

And third symptom presents is trouble breathing. Lastly pay close notice to signs such as sudden sweating, dizziness, and feeling of nausea.

Though these symptoms may not all seem at the same time, if you observe even one or two of these symptoms, you should call 911. It’s important to act rapidly. You can also take an aspirin and put a little amount of nitroglycerin under your tongue. Doing this might support improving your chances of getting better before the ambulance reaches you. It’s a great approach to have these two medicines already available at home.

4 Antibiotics People Store

According to the latest studies, prevailing antibiotics play a significant role in protecting lives. They stop simple illnesses such as colds from rising into possible severe conditions like Pneumonia and negligible infections from becoming life-threatening. The writers have selected four different antibiotics for this purpose. They also guide you in receiving them lawfully and without medicine.

The antibiotics feature exclusive composites with miscellaneous lines of action. This channels that while it’s imaginable to combat bacteria resistant to one of them, the possibility of them being protected to all four is quite slim.

During shortages, antibiotics become valuable. Saving these four on hand for you and your household is nearly as vital

Through undefined times, the importance of antibiotics has become immense. Having a set of these four basic willingly available for you and your loved ones contenders the significance of even keeping a supply of food. However, training ultimatum is vital, always search for consultation from a doctor before using them.

The most operative way to build a stockpile: The writer illustrates how to achieve the shortage of important medication like insulin, which every individual demands daily. One of her friends in Texas has undisclosed a genuine and safe solution, allowing him to obtain his needed daily insulin supply and even reserve it for emergencies.

This practical line is totally within the boundaries of the law and certifies protection. You can begin executing it in a precise way, not only for insulin but also for other medicines recognized to be stimulating to stockpile.

Determine the optimum natural pain relievers, easily reachable right in your backyard.

Find the most powerful natural medicine, likely thriving inside your outside shelter. This amazing plant, recognized for easing pain, has arisen as a saving elegance for immeasurable individuals in Venezuela amongst pharmacy scarcities. Remarkably, it prospers plentifully across North America, offering a gladly available solution for those looking for support.

The symptoms of Stroke and what should you do instantly

In case of a stroke, rapid action is important, and every minute is most crucial. Performing swiftly can often lead to a full regaining.

Regrettably, some individuals may wind up with one-sided paralysis or even more harsh penalties if not focus too quickly. Inside the pages of Home Doctor, the writer demonstrated the fastest way to find a stroke and the one key step you must take rapidly to improve your chances of a positive result.

The Home Doctor Guide – Pricing

The Home Doctor Guide is ready for sale in both physical and digital formats. You can send an order on the official website by selecting either of the two pricing choices.


  • The Guide offers easy access to health-related info
  • Allows individuals to take control over health issues
  • Save time by providing applicable tips
  • Reduces healthcare costs by giving alternative tips
  • Cover several health topics including nutrition, fitness
  • Provide users with valuable knowledge about health


  • The guide can’t cover all medical emergencies
  • Users may perform remedies incorrectly
  • Some sources may not be scientific evidence

The Home Doctor Guide Physical & Digital Book: Price $37 + $9.99 shipping fee.

Digital Book: Available at $37.00

Bonus # 1:

The guide assigns that life-stabilizing herbs that Venezuelans eat when getting food from the mark were outside their ways. These plants are plentiful in North America; some may grow around your backyard. With this extra supply, you will be ready to know wild, edible plants and create the most out of the natural herbs in your backyard.

Bonus #2:

The source catalogs strong natural medications that Native Americans used long before

This resource lists potent natural remedies that Native Americans used long before new medicine. In the upcoming, these plants might become as valued as gold.

In the future, these plants may become as valuable as gold. Prepared with this awareness, you’ll never end of medication. These remedial plants are still willingly available in America. All that is needed is the expertise to find and change them into the cures that have constant people for spans.

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The Home Doctor Guide

This book is a unique guide for the layman that you can use when help is not on the way or to manage common illnesses that don’t require seeing a doctor.
Let me show you just some of the things you’ll find inside the Home Doctor:
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60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Home Doctor Guide is available with a 60-day money-back guarantee, enabling you to try the shared strategies and methods without any risk. Therefore if you are not satisfied with the guide, you can get in touch with us within 60 days for a full repayment by sending an email to:

Final Verdict

In short, The Home Doctor Guide is a detailed medical testimonial book written by Texan and Venezuelan doctors. It provides readers to tackle health tragedies at home, particularly in emergencies like those faced in Venezuela. The guide includes essential medical supplies, natural medicines, and emergency processes, making it helpful. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, readers can discover The Home Doctor Guide’s wealth of knowledge.

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