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Smile Brighter: Top 5 Benefits of Using the Latest LED Mouthpiece for Teeth Whitening

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Snow Teeth Whitening is a perfect at-home teeth whitening solution connecting the collective value of LED mouthpiece and serum for getting a brighter smile.

Known by famous media outlets and commended as the top quality choice countrywide, snow teeth whitening kit provides a modest and effective teeth whitening kit inside the limits of your home.

SNOW At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

LED Mouthpiece

With LED Mouthpiece

  • With over 1 million teeth whitening kits sold and counting
  • SNOW stands as an inspiration for quality in oral care. Awarded numerous awards in 2022 and supported by over 25,000 reliable reviews, SNOW is the go-to optimal for achieving a brighter smile from the well-being of your own home. Our progressive dentist-articulated system guarantees quicker teeth whitening results, recognized by successful celebrities and millions of faithful customers and followers. Experience a professional-level teeth whitening tour at a matchless price, exclusively formulated to be gentle on enamel for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Grown in teamwork with leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Brian Harris, SNOW provides not just a product, but a trustworthy solution for a glowing, confident smile.

Evaluate our detailed review to reveal all the necessary information about the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit and its operative system.

Who is the Manufacturer of the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Mouthpiece?

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit is a teeth whitening kit manufactured by an Arizona-based cosmetics company – Snow Cosmetics, LLC. The company created the product in Arizona in partnership with a dentist.

Snow Cosmetics, LLC has dispatched over 1 Million Snow Teeth Whitening Kits to data, recognizing it as one of the best-selling teeth whitening kits in America. Moreover, the company offers wireless teeth whitening, mouthwash, whitening foam, whitening strips, and many more.

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit is exclusively available through their official website including all the material that you require to whiten your teeth. The kit contains serum and an LED mouthpiece that whitens your teeth immediately.

What is a Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

To enjoy the advantages of the Snow Teeth Whitening kit, just start by brushing your teeth, applying the serum, and activating the LED mouthpiece, placing it in your mouth delicately.  Then wait for about 30 minutes before rinsing out your mouth. By constantly repeating this procedure daily basis, you can notably whiten your teeth.

Each Snow Teeth Whitening Kit contains ample serum for 75+ remedies. You can continue to use the LED mouthpiece countless times, ordering more serum to whiten your teeth over time.

Snow Teeth Whitening has been presented on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and other key media platforms, and it’s often categorized amongst the best teeth whitening products in the state online.

What are the Key Benefits of Snow Whitening?

Snow Teeth Whitening contains all kinds of stuff which are essential for your brighter smile. Your purchase includes three-pointers of whitening serum, the LED mouthpiece, and one supplementary pointer of additional strength whitening serum. According to the manufacturer, below are the significant benefits of using the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit regularly:

You can whiten your teeth within just 9 minutes

There is no need to visit the dental clinic you can whiten your teeth at a professional level at home.

Soothing on enamel for delicate teeth and gums

Dentist-liked and dentist-made teeth whitening kit

Supported by several thousands of 5-star reviews and over I Million sales till today

A science-sponsored blend of teeth whitening serum with LED mouthpiece for sustainable results

How Does Snow Teeth Whitening with LED Mouthpiece Work?

Snow Teeth Whitener is made to easily whiten your teeth within the comfort of your own home in a few seconds. By spending just 9 minutes every day on the usage, you can achieve visible teeth whitening and get remarkable results.

In the first step, you have to brush your teeth using round motions then floss your teeth and rinse.

Turn the Snow Teeth Whitening pointer and apply the whitening serum on every tooth. You shade each tooth like you would paint your nails, applying a coat consistently to ensure full whitening.

Once you have applied the whitening serum to your mouth, use the LED mouthpiece to trigger its effectiveness. Switch on the LED light, insert the LED mouthpiece, and leave it for almost 10 to 30 minutes. The magnitude can be prompted by the duration the LED mouthpiece is worn, though it is essential to note the maker’s advice and avoid above the recommended 30-minute time frame.

 After whitening your mouth for 10 to 30 minutes, switch off the LED mouthpiece and off the light from your mouth. Then, clean both the LED mouthpiece along your mouth, and you’re made.

According to most reviews online, you can expect to notice visible results within just 1 to 3 sessions of using Snow Teeth Whitening, with many customers noticing visibly whiter teeth after their first session.

How LED Mouthpiece Teeth Whitening Works?

Snow Teeth Whitening works through a two-step procedure that controls advanced LED teeth whitening technology. Primarily a whitening agent is applied to your teeth, entering the absorbent enamel and dentin coats to start the whitening process. The following use of an LED light speeds up this procedure by stimulating the serum, boosting the power of hydrogen peroxide – the dynamic factor in the whitening agent.

The LED Light eases the breakdown of peroxide, producing free radicals that efficiently remove molecular connections that make the tooth yellow. Even after cleaning and gel elimination, the whitening gel continues to function for the next 24 hours, steadily improving the teeth-whitening effects. Especially, Snow teeth whitening is exclusively made to minimize tooth and gum sensitivity, with dentist consent providing further integrity in contrast to other online home whitening kits.

How does the Snow Teeth Whitening kit’s LED mouthpiece work?

An LED, or light-producing diode, discharges a single color light on the visible light range. When you attach the Snow Teeth Whitening LED mouthpiece to a power supply (USB outlet or electrical passage) you switch on the LED light and can place the LED mouthpiece in your mouth.

Once you place the LED mouthpiece in your mouth, the light triggers the hydrogen peroxide in the whitening agent. Hydrogen peroxide is an operative ingredient in the whitening agent, and LED light can boost the motion of this agent for improved whitening.  

Earlier generations of teeth whitening kits used UV lights to attain similar results. However, UV light has been connected with cell transformation and is a possible risk of cancer. The Snow Teeth whitening kit uses LED Light for a protective and efficient way of activation of teeth whitening serum.

LED light has an extra advantage over UV light, they don’t need to a prepared to become efficient. LED operates quickly, providing a suitable and effective solution for teeth whitening without the possible risks connected with UV light display.

As you place the LED mouthpiece in your mouth, the LED accelerates the chemical reactions enabling the peroxide to whiten your teeth immediately. This increases the breakdown of staining on your teeth; and collapses the molecules from your mouth to lighten your smile. Moreover, to accelerate the chemical reaction instantly, the LED mouthpiece speeds up the chemical reaction over the next 24 hours.

Normally, the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit and other LED mouthpieces can whiten your teeth drastically after a single sitting, with 6 to 10 plus shades of whiteness or most probably after numerous sessions.

Snow Teeth Whitening Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

All teeth whitening kits assert to whiten your teeth. But, not all of them work as marketed. What are the facts that make Snow Whitening Kit more distinctive? Below are some testimonials from verified Snow Whitening purchases qualities online:

One customer stated Snow Teeth Whitening is a remarkable product available in the market for whitening her teeth. She spent $500 on a professional teeth whitening solution but found Snow Teeth Whitening was an advanced option. She observed outcomes after her first Snow Teeth Whitening session, and her teeth are 7 to 10+ shades whiter after numerous treatments. That woman also had discolored teeth because of tobacco usage.

Multiple reviewers are also impressed with how easy it is to use Snow Teeth Whitening. They sit in front of the Camera and place the LED mouthpiece in for 10 to 30 minutes, for example, and ignore it. It’s a disturbance-free teeth whitening kit that you can use every day.

Several users have reported disgraced teeth due to excessive use of coffee, tea, and soda while others have faced stains due to tobacco use and other causes. However, Snow Whitening looks to effectively deal with all types of stains, regardless of their reasons.

Recognized by 9 out of 10 dental experts as described on the official website DentalAdvisoe, Snow Whitening with LED mouthpiece brings a strong reference from dental experts. The whitening kit was not only created with their expertise but also appears with the support of the dentist’s advice adding a supplementary layer of validity as compared to the several other whitening kits available in the online market.

Overall, Snow Teeth Whitening has an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 based on 5,300+ reviews, making it one of the internet’s best-rated teeth whitening options.

What is the Snow Teeth Whitening LED Mouthpiece Price?

Below are the 3 price packages offered by Snow Teeth Whitening online today:.

1 Pack: $149

2 Packs: $250 (Save $48)

 4 Packs: $499 (Save $97)

LED Mouthpiece
Snow teeth whitening

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit With LED Mouth Piece

SNOW stands as an inspiration for quality in oral care. Awarded numerous awards in 2022 and supported by over 25,000 reliable reviews,
People Used
Only Left
On-Going Offer
4 Packs: $499 (Save $97)

What’s contained in the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

Each Snow Teeth Whitening kit includes:

3 x wands of teeth whitening serum with built-in applicators

1 x original LED whitening accelerating technology mouthpiece

1 x wand of extra strength whitening serum for faster results

Every kit contains 75+ treatments overall, which means you’re paying around $2 per whitening treatment. In contrast, dentist teeth whitening charges $400 to $800 per term.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Snow Teeth Whitening is sponsored by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can send a request for a refund within 60 days of your initial purchase.

Final Verdict

Snow Whitening kit is recognized as one of the most preferred and popular teeth whitening kits, solely available online. With its revolutionary addition of an LED Mouthpiece light and dentist-supported serum, Snow Teeth Whitening provides incredible teeth whitening results, all at an extensively lower cost as compared to professional dental treatments.

For those willing to find more details about the country’s top-rated teeth whitening kit or to make a purchase through the official website. Discover the world of Snow Teeth Whitening and reveal the key to achieving a brighter, whiter smile simply.

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